We’ll Understand It Better By and By

Today in worship was incredible. If you happenned to be at North Side this Sunday in Greenwood, it was beyond words. There are those moments that are everything less than stellar that last all of about four minutes in your memory. There are those moments, which upon many attempts, you can squeeze some rememberance of a certain event. And then there are moments like this morning, that you will remember in clear detail for a long time and just be thankful you can say you actually witnessed it.
Brady King is my buddy at church and his mom, Kirby shared her testimony about his birth and her hearing of his mental condition. At first realization of this news, anyone would be overwhelmed with the news. But today, as Brady led our church in WORSHIP with By and By, I’ll Fly Away, and God is Good, there were very few dry eyes in the house. Worship is so much sweeter through tears. Here was a situation that looked pretty overwhelming, but we just stood overwhelmed with God this morning since Brady has been such a vital part of encouragment and love at our church. It was amazing to see the response to him coming out and leading the congregation.
Now, I have to say, I had to ease Brady’s nervous mind before he walked out there. Being the avid “Full House” fan that he is, I just said, think how Jessie Cosopolas would walk out there.
And so Brady did. With a strut mind you.
Plus Jeff, our pastor, played the banjo in a bluegrass session that was pretty rowdy. It was amazing.
Don’t miss this coming week – some more surprises are on the way before this Overwhelmed series gets over…
Brady and Travis

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