Overwhelmed with God

Wow – what an incredible family time in worship this morning! I know I sounded presumptious about thinking today was going to be great, but can you really be too presumptious about how incredible our God is?! Holy moly! He’s monstrous. He is so massive and we are so insignificant. Jeff brought a great reminder of that today. If you want to see just how big you really are in the scheme of things, look below at these pictures Jeff used today at North Side and remember who made them all.

And just a note, Antares is only the 15th brightest star in the sky located over 1000 light years away. The universe that he made is so massive and we are so small. And the God who spoke all of that with a mere breath and holds it all stable in his hands is definitely able to handle the problems in my life right now, no matter how truly big or small they are.

He’s bigger.