Submerge – two weeks away

We will be landing in Panama City in exactly two weeks – I can’t wait! Submerge 07, our youth spring break camp, promises to be an amazing week to remember! We have over 225 going. Bryan Currie is the speaker, we will be playing, and God is going to change some lives!

Our Worship Team at North Side has worked so hard to make this camp a success! Jenn, Brit, Wes, Cory, Fred, Adam, and Preston are some of the most amazing people and ministers that I have ever been able to work with! This camp is going to be the best ever of the three years due to their hard work.

If you can’t go, check out this website so that you can be a Prayer Partner with us and daily photo uploads once we get there. Go ahead and bookmark that page and please pray for us before we get there, while we’re there, and after we leave.