Kingdom Focused

One reason why Submerge went so great was that it was about the Kingdom. There were churches there, but it was just one big family. No one was terratorial. No was defensive. We just all saw it like one big happy family. 230 people, over 9 churches together – just to go deeper in our relationship with Jesus.

I love the fact that I am on the same team with Harris, South Main, Temple, Calvary, New Market, Lowndesville, North Side, Callie Self, and others from the Lakelands Association. It was beautiful. When the Body of Christ starts to figure out that we are all on the same team and that there are plenty of people in the world that need all of our churches to pitch in and engage in the mission. I’m just so thankful that in Greenwood County we have churches like that.

For pictures and a video from Submerge camp, go here.