Singing Really Loud

I got to play bass at North Side yesterday morning, and I am beginning to notice something: you people sing really loud! I love it. Yesterday I felt like we all just had to tell God how much we loved him and how great he was, and just quiet voices couldn’t get it done.
I love Fred Hammond. He’s a black gospel artist who is also a bass player who just knows how to throw down. On one of his CDs, a song is ending and people start clapping and he said, “now, that would be alright if it was for me, but if that’s for God…” And then some clapping and shouting something fierce erupted from the place. And that’s the way it should be. North Side, we serve a great God. So he should be praised greatly.

The following is from Psalm 47 paraphrased in the Message:
Applause, everyone. Bravo, bravissimo! Shout God-songs at the top of your lungs!
God Most High is stunning,
astride land and ocean.
He crushes hostile people,
puts nations at our feet.
He set us at the head of the line,
prize-winning Jacob, his favorite.
Loud cheers as God climbs the mountain,
a ram’s horn blast at the summit.
Sing songs to God, sing out!
Sing to our King, sing praise!

He’s Lord over earth,
so sing your best songs to God.

Fred Hammond