Praying at Santa Fe

So after I preach, I often have alot of doubts, second thoughts, and questions that I mull over. “Did that make any sense…did that connect with anyone…was I too pushy…was I bold enough…did I represent God well…did I misuse God’s Word…is anybody going to do anything with what I said today?”

You know, nothing big or anything…

But some of our youth at North Side made my day last night. They said that when they were leaving to go to lunch, they said, “who wants to go with us and pray for a waiter today?” In the message on investing and inviting, I talked with our congregation about how waiters hate Sundays because church people are normally the worst tippers and have the worst attitudes. I encouraged them to befriend their waiters or even ask if there was something they could pray for.

Yeah, but who’s actually going to do that.

Jacob, Taylor, Edgar, and I don’t know who else – high schoolers from our church – went to Santa Fe, had a meal, and befriended their waiter. Edgar, who can speak Spanish, began speaking to him and told him they were Christians and asked if they could pray for him concerning anything. He said yes and they actually prayed for him there. Thanks guys for not just hearing the Word (Col. 4:5-6) but doing the Word.

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