Prayer: Steering Wheel or Spare Tire?

How do we view prayer? Do we see it as our steering wheel – it steers everything we do or do we see it as a last resort spare tire when we’ve done everything we can possibly do? It is very interesting that Jesus’ disciples never asked for teaching how to exorcise demons, preach, heal, divide food, walk on water – even though they saw him do all of that.

They asked his instruction in one manner: “Lord, teach us to pray like you pray” (Luke 11.1).

God has answered a prayer of mine today. We are trying to incorporate prayer more and more here at North Side, and today we began plans for our prayer room. We are making a designated place to encounter God and engage in intercessory prayer for the world. I am so excited on this journey God will lead us on emphasizing that his house is to truly be a house of prayer.

Wailing Wall