Fusion starts TONIGHT!!!

So I’m pretty exicted right now.  I’m trying to finish my message for tonight and I’m only using one verse – Matthew 13:44.  One verse?  Short message, eh?  Well maybe.  Or maybe it’s so stinkin’ loaded and I’ve been struggling with this verse for so long now that I’m trying to deal with all the implications loaded within its 34 killer words.  Pray for me if you are reading this.  I really want tonight to count for the Kingdom.

In addition to some teaching and some worship, we’ve got a free Chick-fil-a meal at 7:00 before the 7:30 service.  We do have a special guest coming that will allow you to take some pictures with him after Fusion.  We are having some giveaways.  We’re announcing the rules for the Pic-It for Ticket Competition to win some Crowder tickets.  And we also are announcing a pretty spectacular event that is going to take place on September 25th.  More on that later…

So if you are in the Wood tonight, we would love to see you.