Are You Ready for Some Dodgeball?!

Tomorrow night is our Dodgeball Tournament at Fusion. After four weeks studying on the attributes of God in a series called “Godipedia,” we thought it was time to pummel each other with some dodgeballs in the name of Christian love.

Makes sense right?

So for all you college students and 20-somethings in the Greenwood area on Tuesday night, come on out either to play Dodgeball or to make fun of other people as they get injured playing. We’ll have free Chick-fil-a for everyone who comes. We also have a lot of door prizes including some Fusion t-shirts and the brand spanking new David Crowder Band CD, Remedy that comes out this Tuesday. Had a sneak listen – so good…

So get your headbands ready and be prepared for a wonderful night at North Side.

Travis and a Headband