GCS Spiritual Emphasis Week

Last week, I got the privilege to go with the band to lead three chapels at Greenwood Christian School (Wednesday-Friday).  I always love going to GCS because there are a lot of the North Side crew that goes there and also some Submerge peeps, and just some outstanding teachers and students.

I love playing with Cory, Jamie, and Wes.  We just have a good time together.  We understand and know how to find our spot in the band.  It’s real fun.  And each of those guys have just a heart for worship and ministry.  I’m blessed to work with these guys and it’s an honor to lead with them.

During the chapels, I tried to get across three things: Wednesday – There is no substitute for Jesus (Jer. 2); Thursday – You’re lukewarm because you are too far from the source (Rev. 3); and Friday – The people closest to you should be people who are closest to God (Prov. 27:17).

It was great to hear stories from what God did that week.  I even ran into a couple of the Hawk ladies in Bilo tonight and they were just grateful for what God was doing on that campus.  I pray that God continues to move in that school and that they never ever get used to Jesus.