The Mullet Mafia Emerge Victorious

Wow! What a night we had at Fusion with our Dodgeball Tournament. Thanks for all of you who came out and enjoyed a night of fellowship. Next week, we start a new series entitled “Matchmaker” on dating and relationships.

Last night, six teams battled it out in a double elimination bracket. There were many twists and turns along the way, but the Mullet Mafia defeated the Bear Sharks in the championship game.

Mullet Mafia win

If a winner was to be picked solely upon effort and upon delivery, the Mullet Mafia should have won. They all were sporting mullets and arm tattos and had a mullet theme song. Pretty impressive. I don’t know how they won anything wearing all that stuff, but they did a great job. All the teams did great (the other team names were the OGs, the Jesus Freaks, the Ravenous Beasts, and Team Deadlyyyyy).

I was laughing that some of our commentators even seemed winded after last night because of the intensity in that room. Thanks all you Fusioneers for a fun night. See you next week.Mullet Mafia

Scott with a mullet

The fellow in the last picture, Scott Readett, also won the Pic-It for Ticket contest. By taking a picture of the word “Fusion,” his picture got the highest vote amount and won two tickets to see David Crowder Band in concert. Congrats Scott and the Mullet Mafia. Man Scott, you cleaned up last night!


2nd Place: Scott Readett (again?!)


3rd Place: Audrey Neal

Fusion eye chart

Also, the Mullet Mafia had to face their fiercest opponent at the end, the Chick-fil-a cow.

They still won.

Chick-fil-a cow dodgeball