What God Exalts

It’s always a great service when Jeff picks up a guitar.  Jeff talked about how great of a guitar player he was when he lived in a town where no one else played the guitar.  But then he moved to Greenwood where everyone plays the guitar.  He once thought he was really good until he got around people who were better.

That’s how to humble ourselves.  Don’t focus on yourself, when you surround yourself with God, you begin to exalt him, and see how great he is and how little he was.  Jeff used James 4:6-10 as his scripture passage.  James said that God exalts the humble.  So when we exalt him, he exalts us.

Worship songs today:

So have you looked around today?  Because God’s glory is all around us today, and if we take the time to notice it, we can be amazed at all that he is.  The problem is that we are “going so fast through life and the glory of God is just passing by without us noticing it.”  Look at how God changed your life.  Look at how he as kept you.  Look at the needs he has provided.  Look at how he came through when you thought no one could.  C. S. Lewis said that when a humble person truly comes into the presence of God, you either forget about yourself altogether or see yourself as an insignificant speck.  Today in worship, I really felt like we lost ourselves in worship.  We just exalted him, and forgot about ourselves.

I encourage you to humble yourself all week.  You might just be amazed at how big you see him.