Horizontal Humility

You can measure your humility with God by measuring your humility with others.

Worship Songs for the Day:

What a powerful morning at North Side! That line up there was the big idea for the day. We’ve been talking in Leaving Planet Self about the need for humility and the need to get rid of pride. Today, Jeff talked about Horizontal Humility. How do you measure up in your humility as you live among other people. We need to take the people test.

We found it in Romans 12:14-18. God first off puts us to the test with the people who don’t like us. Don’t you wish that he started with someone else? But we are called to be like Jesus. We are to humble ourselves, not only before God, but also before man. How do you treat people who don’t like you? How do you treat people who are beneath you? How do you treat people who are suffering? When was the last time that you cried over someone? When was the last time you celebrated over someone else? Normally, the only time we cry or celebrate is when something happens to me. But humble people weep when others weep.

We wrapped up the service with a time of prayer for South Main and the McMinn family. I posted about Phil’s death yesterday. This morning I went over to South Main to pray with some of their leaders. I loved how Jeff concluded our services this morning. We spent some time huddling up and praying for Phil’s family and for our family over at South Main. I loved to think that we could stand with them and weep with them this morning. It’s the power of the Body of Christ. While we worship in different buildings, we are all of the same heart. And it was wonderful being able to lift our brothers and sisters up over there.

north side pray

That’s what God calls us to do – weep with those who weep. We aren’t supposed to only be concerned with our own lives, but we are to go to those in need and serve them. North Siders, stop by the Prayer Room upstairs and write the staff or the family an encouraging card and we will get that to them.

South Main, we love you and we stand beside you. We honestly do believe in faith that God’s just getting started with you guys.

north side pray

Next week is the last week in Leaving Planet Self, and you don’t want to miss the end to this series.