Get Off This Planet

Today, we wrapped up our Life Focus series, “Leaving Planet Self.” Man, this has been a great journey that God has brought us on! We started out learning that pride kills but humility heals. And throughout the entire series, we have heard so much feedback from people saying that they have acknowledged the grip of pride in their lives, and they have been making a lot of steps towards the right direction.

The worship set for today was:

  • God of Wonders – Mac Powell
  • Here I Am to Worship – Tim Hughes
  • Enough – Chris Tomlin
  • Surrender – Marc James

Today was actually my first day to sit in a seat and worship in the new building. It was great! Since we have opened, I have always been playing or running something, but I needed just to be led today if that makes sense. I loved being led in worship by Adam, John, Kellar, Cory, Eric, Cynthia, Woody, John, and the choir today! I trust all those people and know their hearts which makes it so much better. And I loved how comfortable I felt in there today. Even though there were a lot of people in there, I felt like I was really connected with everyone. Praise God – that’s awesome.

Jeff gave a message today that drove it home. I loved how he prefaced the message saying this won’t be the most favorite topic. When you look at 2 Cor. 12 and Paul reports of how God will deliver thorns in our lives to keep us from exalting ourselves, that is never a really welcomed reminder. But it is one we desparately need. Even if distresses, difficulties, hardships, insults, etc. come our way passed through or brought by the hand of God, they are to be appreciated because they are keeping us in right standings with God. Even if it hurts, it is worth it. Humble us, God.

They ended the service in an impacting way today. We went down and got a piece of paper and wrote our name down in the fashion of John the Baptist recorded in John 3:30: He must increase, but I must decrease. Something about putting my name there was a huge reminder that if I do that one thing, most of my problems in this world will fade away, since most of them come one from me trying to exalt myself. If you got one of those cards, make sure you put it somewhere where you can be reminded constantly of what our task is: decrease.


My decrease card is staring at me in my card. Comment and tell me where you put yours!

Next week, we start a new Life Focus entitled “Thanks for Nothing” just in time for the Thanksgiving season. You don’t want to miss how we’re starting next week out. Hope to see you there and bring a couple of friends along with you!