Satisfaction – Worldly Pleasure

We began a new series at North Side today called “Satisfaction.” The picture of Mic Jagger says it all:

mic jagger

Mic and the Rolling Stones have been singing that song since 1965. And he is still singing it today. He still hasn’t found satisfaction. And so many of us are in the same boat. We look to find satisfaction in so many different arenas in our lives but we always come up short.

We started today talking about people who look for satisfaction in Worldly Pleasure.  In Ecclesiastes 2, Solomon confesses that he tried everything he could find to find satisfaction, but he couldn’t find it.

I prayed today that this message hits home with me.  I pray it hits home with my friends.  I know so many people who keep stumbling in the same areas.  We keep making resolutions and make them the next year too.  We keep making promises to our family and even God that we can’t even back up.  People who try to find satisfaction in more money, more booze, more pleasure, but they just can’t find it.

If you keep coming back in the following weeks, we are going to go through Solomon’s book.  We’re going to look at how he tried to find satisfaction but only found it in one thing.  So come on back next week and bring some friends.  We are going to be talking about “Never-Ending Work.”

We worshipped today to the following songs:

  • Everyday – Hillsong United Hillsong United - Everyday
  • Everything – Chris Tomlin Chris Tomlin - Not to Us - Everything
  • Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall Charlie Hall - Flying Into Daybreak - Marvelous Light
  • Jesus Paid it All – Kristian Stanfill Kristian Stanfill - Passion: Everything Glorious - Jesus Paid It All
  • Make Me Holy – Travis Agnew