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High school student and a buddy of mine, Sara McGee, wrote the following article for about North Side. We are making a difference folks! And we still have so much more left to do!

Northside Baptist Church Shines in the Spotlight


Northside was founded in 1966 by members of another Baptist church seeking a place on the north side of town. They have experienced a building change, adding on a complex that not only houses their new worship area, but a bookstore and coffee shop open during worship times! Jeff Lethco, senior pastor, said, “We felt like in our new addition there should be a commons area for people to hang out, enjoy fellowship, and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends and those they don’t know so well!”

Lethco is one of several pastors to help Northside in their three primary environments: worship (headed by Travis Agnew), community (Jamie Parler), and missions (Steve Watson). Ken Petrus is also apart of the staff as the executive pastor, as well as John McFadden who is the choir director and writes the curriculum.


Lethco has been preaching at Northside for 10 years and says that he is very grateful that the church has let him be himself. Lethco attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas, and preached in a church in Texas before his current job at Northside.

They offer a wide variety of worship times for everyone to enjoy:

On Sunday:

· 8:15 a.m.- with traditional songs and hymns

· 9:45 a.m.

· 11:15 a.m. (both 9:45 and 11:15 use a praise team and worship with contemporary songs)

· 5:30 p.m.- “C Groups” and Children’s Activities


· 7:30 p.m.- “Fusion” for 20-somethings


· 6:15- “The Peak” for youth 6th-12th

· “C Groups”

· “RAs/GAs/Mission Friends” for kids up thru 5th grade

Northside is the place of worship for many- having around 850 people at the 11:15 service, 300 at 9:45, and 100 at 8:15. They offer children’s services at the 11:15 worship time nicknamed “Little Church” for 4 and 5 year olds and “Epic” for 1st thru 5th grades.

Northside’s style of worship is by focusing on a specific topic or series that not only will be preached Sundays, but in the “C Groups” (Community Groups) and other meetings as well. These series are 4 to 5 weeklong periods, and are accompanied by Northside’s very own magazine that includes devotion topics and activities.

Activities Northside sponsors are:

· Fall Festival

· Spring Break trip to Submerge (camp for the youth)

· Vacation Bible School

· Disciple Now weekend for youth

· Concerts (Be on the look out for Shane and Shane in February!)

“We follow along three core values: simplicity, authenticity, and transformation. Our contemporary services are authentic and I think that our services are real God centered. We also speak a language that both church people and none church people could understand,” shared Lethco.

Northside Baptist Church has a website that you can find more information on the pastors, worship services, and even view pictures at:

Reader Opinions
JAN 17 • North Side has really changed my life and become a second family to us. The Compass Magazine helps us to stay focused all week. I love NSBC! Everyone should give NS a shot-you will know that you have made it home!
JAN 17 • This church is so awesome! Everyone loves you and accepts you, no matter what has happened in your life or what will happen in your life. C-Groups are the best because they allow everyone to have a group of people that have things in common with one another to challenge, support and pray for you. Everyone needs to check it out.