Original Blues – Death Blues

Today was week two in our series, Original Blues, where we looked at the “Death Blues.” Most of us have dealt with the sorrow associated with losing someone we love, or we are fearful that the reality of someone we love dying is coming around the corner. If you haven’t dealt with death yet, you will.

But there’s nothing wrong with holding on.

There is nothing wrong with having grief during those moments. As a Christian, sometimes we feel that we have to put our best foot forward to gain the approval of other Christians. I have seen Christians going through grief who casually say,” just praise the Lord.” But in some of them, I have seen a facade. I have seen a struggle to gain the approval of others by appearing to hold it all together when on the inside they are literally dying.


I was so appreciative for Jeff’s message today.  His honesty always speaks volumes.  When those closest to us die, they are in a better place.  The problem is we are not.

It made me remember when one of my buddies recently lost his dad.  Funeral visitations are always awkward for me.  Mainly because I feel so burdened for the family in the receiving line who are forced to stand there for hours upon hours.  They are trying to appear OK, but physically and emotionally, they are simply spent.  When I went to see my buddy a few months ago, I got that normal sense of panic in my throat before it was my time to speak.  Do you say, “God bless you…I’m praying for you…how are you doing…God’s got a plan…”

None of those were working for me that day.  I just hugged my brother and said, “Don’t feel like you have to have all the answers right now, and don’t fake how you are doing.  Just promise me to hold on closer to God than run from him during this time.  And don’t make it a habit to be alone and not to share your grief with anyone.  This hurts.  I don’t know or understand your grief.  But I will be here for you.”

Death is hard to deal with, but it is much harder trying to handle it without holding on to God.

There’s nothing wrong with holding on.

We worshiped to the following songs today:

  • O Praise Him – David Crowder Band David Crowder Band - Illuminate
  • How Can I Keep from Singing? – Chris Tomlin Chris Tomlin - See the Morning
  • Knowing You – Passion Band Passion - Better Is One Day
  • I Can Only Imagine – Mercy Me MercyMe - Almost There
  • It is Well – Hymn Arrangement

Hope to see you next week as we conclude The Original Blues.  It’s going to be an important Sunday and the conclusion is going to be down right memorable, methinks…