Now Playing on North Side Radio…

Vision of YouThe Vision of You concert is quickly approaching Greenwood, SC.  Shane and Shane, Starfield, Bethany Dillon, and David Nasser are coming to North Side this Sunday night (Feb. 24) at 7:00.  We still have some tickets at North Side which you can get at the front office through Thursday.  We also have them at the Bookstore on Wednesday night and Sunday morning.  They will be $12 until Sunday evening when they magically change to $15.  You can still get them online at North Side’s website.  I talked with some North Siders this week who weren’t entirely familiar with the groups and wanted a place to listen to the music so they could mentally prepare for the show on Sunday.  So if you go to you can listen to these musical groups on North Side’s online radio, the Pulse leading up to the concert.  Here’s how you do it: 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the tab to the left entitled “Online Radio.”
  3. Choose if you want iTunes or Windows Media Player at whatever internet speed you have (great > good > decent)
  4. Enjoy the music!
  5. But you some tickets!
  6. And send you friends to North Side’s website too so they can hear the tunes and hopefully be there for this incredible concert!