Last Full Day

It is the last full day of camp at Submerge.  Here’s some highlights:

  • Last night, we had many people at the conference center, hear the music, and wander into our worship service.  Even a few hung out with some of our leaders last night, and we got to share what we are about.
  • There is a cardiologist convention above us today.  Last night, some walked in, and said, “This looks way too fun to be the cardiology convention.  Is this where the dance is tonight?”  Um…something like that…
  • Today, our students are talking about the influencers in their lives and what role they play in the decisions they make.   This is a pivotal message for students.  Please pray.
  • We had mega relay last night.  Its normally hysteria, but with the added wind gusts, it made for quite an interesting evening with people stumbling for ground after a stirring trial at izzy dizzy.
  • I have a few songs left in my voice.  I think I get too jacked up and don’t know how to lay back, I hope it makes it to tomorrow morning.
  • Working with these churches – I love the body of Christ.
  • Divine appointments have been all over the place.
  • More to come…
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1 thought on “Last Full Day”

  1. SO good to hear that things are going well. I had to come see a pt there this week and we were staying on a few hotels down from you guys. Started to bring Caroline and her friend and let them hang out with you on Tues night but was not sure that would be OK. I have been thinking and praying for you guys and know that God is going to mighty in His work this week. Interpretive movement – Caroline misses that. She was in a group at our former church and really wishes we could get that started at NSBC. Tell Obie hello for me. Jane

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