Only Way – #4 of GBION

Today was week 4 of God’s Believe It or Not life focus series at North Side. We talked about whether or not Jesus truly stated if he was the only way to God. This issue is one of the most sensitive in our culture at this time. With so many different paths to God, people are very hesitant to claim there is only one way. People claim to be tolerant of every belief, unless that belief claims to be the sole correct one.

I love what Jeff did with this sensitive subject. He used C. S. Lewis’ argument for Jesus’ deity from the classic book, Mere Christianity. The argument states that Jesus must either be liar, lunatic, or Lord. Either he lied about being the only way to God, he was crazy when he said it, or he actually is God.

But Jeff reminded us all that we are living in a postmodern culture. Logic isn’t going to work for everyone. Reason doesn’t prove anything for some people. Some people are going to have to watch us believe something before they will ever believe it themselves. So, is he your only way?

What a wonderful time of worship today. You people are singing out more and more. I love it! Jesus loves it even more! We worshiped to these songs today:

  • Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall
  • My Savior Lives – New Life Worship
  • None But Jesus – Hillsong United
  • Nothing but the Blood – Matt Redman

What a great day to celebrate communion, baptisms, and Connect. Its always great to be able to focus on Christ’s sacrifice through communions. I love watching part of the family get baptized and hearing everyone’s enthusiasm! We also had over 60 people at Connect today! Connect is our new members first step – its a place to learn about our church and connect to Christ and to our church family. I know we had a little over 10 of our staff there, so there were a lot of people who joined our family today! What a great day!

And I couldn’t finish the report about today without bragging on our media team. There was so much detail that went in to making everything work today. From live video feeds, using new equipment, staying on top of their game, this team led in worship today! We couldn’t do it without you guys! You are amazing! And if you are interested in helping with our fantastic media team, you can go here.