The Mind of Investment

Today was our second week in Credit or Debit? where we focused on “The Mind of Investment.”

Every spending decision is a spiritual decision. If we are to develop a mind of investment, we have to realize that everything belongs to God – even our finances. And if all our finances belong to God, we must make sure that how we spend what he gave us glorifies him.

You’ve heard a bunch what to do with the 10% of your money, but today we talked about what to do with the other 90%.

We had a couple of prayer times today during the service. The first one was for Jessica and Emily – two of our missionaries serving overseas that are both having some medical problems. Remember to lift them up!

Second, we prayed very specifically for our offering. I’ve been in services when a pastor has prayed for the offering and you could tell they were in trouble. They try to do a guilt trip, and really pray that people sacrifice today. That wasn’t the motive today. In fact, in hard economic times, North Side continues to give in an incredible amount so that we can get the gospel out more and more.

The reason we prayed for the offering today was that I have failed to see it as an act of worship. Sometimes, I plan services thinking “where can we stick in the offering?” But it is an act of worship just as much as singing is (probably more actually). So we are just praying that all North Siders can remember the power when we give.

Today, we worshiped to the following songs:

  • Holy is the Lord – Chris Tomlin
  • On Our Side – Chris Tomlin
  • Take My Life – Passion
  • Center – Charlie Hall

Oh yeah, and then there was Barry…