“Would You Call Yourself?”

Best line of my week thus far at seminary was from Dr. Chuck Lawless yesterday morning:

If you were God, would you call yourself?

He had just read Eph. 4:1 and told us to think about living a life worthy of our calling. He said that, as ministers, sometimes we have gotten comfortable with the fact that we have been called by God.

“If you were God, would you call yourself?”

Even if you are not a minister, God has reached down and loved you. He has called you to service even if you are not on a payroll of a church or a ministry. And if you were God, would you call someone like you? With all your history, sins, past mistakes, present struggles, anxieties, worries, insecurities, concerns, and inadaquacies, would you have called someone like yourself for service?!

Probably not.

But God did.

Remain amazed.