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north side worshipThe North Side worship band is going into the studio to record a new worship CD!  I am so excited!  After a bunch of prayers and thoughts and planning, we feel like now is the time to do this project.

The plan is to release it this Fall, and so right now, I am in the pre-production/arranging phase in the studio.  We are recording at Addeybug Studios here in Greenwood, where my good buddy, Anthony Gravley, recorded the CD I did in college.  

Selecting songs and pruning down the set list was very difficult.  I had many conversations with the band members, and we came up with a pretty incredible set list that are songs that either: 1) really connect with our church (songs that just seem to have a special meaning for our crew), or 2) will connect with our church (we have also written some songs that we believe will further impact where our church is heading in the months to come).

Today, Kennerly and I will go in to arrange the last couple of songs and record a couple of scratch tracks, and then it will come time for some tracking of the rest of instruments.  From there, we will start bringing in vocalists and such.  Fun times!  Pray for us.  My prayer is that this CD will cause people to erupt into worship all throughout their week and not solely rely on Sundays to express praise to Jesus!

So North Side, what songs do you hope are on this CD?

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  1. you mean the new and improved addeybug studio !! 🙂

    dude… i am pumped . i’m honored to be a part of the project. people are going to be blessed.

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