CD is in the Mail

That’s right!  North Side’s worship CD is officially in the mail on its way to be mastered and duplicated!  I feel such a sense of relief to have that task done, but even more than that, I am extremely happy with the way it turned out.  Anthony, the band, and the singers made this project even better than I imagined (and I had some pretty high expectations).  All that is left to do is for Cory and I to upload some CD graphics tomorrow, and this baby is a wrap.

Last night, Anthony called me and said he had a CD burned for me to have one final listen through.  I went over and got it, but it was getting near bedtime for our newborn-status family, so I listened to a few tracks, loved it, and then went to bed with a smile on my face.

When Obadiah got up this morning before six, Amanda fed him, I got my shower, then me and my lil’ buddy sat in my office chair, pressed play on the CD in my computer, and we listened to the whole thing straight through.  He danced on “All Things News,” he really got excited when he heard his mom singing on her tracks, he got a little fussy at one part, but I don’t think it was in disgust of the music.  He really got into it when I put the media visualizer on for him to watch with the music.

As we listened to the whole CD in one sitting (14 tracks, over 53 minutes of music!), I sighed a huge sigh of relief.  We loved it.  It turned out so good.  Anthony made an adjustment or two this afternoon, and then we sent it off to New Jersey to get this puppy back in our hands by the release date of October 12th!

What’s my favorite part on the CD?  So hard to say.  Jeff’s preaching to music?  Kennerly’s catch riff on “Made Me Glad?”  Cory’s ebow?  Cynthia’s wailing on the intro?  The closing 1:02 that brings the whole CD to a logical conclusion and bookends the whole project?  Woody’s B3 slide?  Peggy’s harmony stack?  Oh, the list could go on and on.  And on.

I know I am biased.  But I really think you might just be able to worship Jesus listening to this album.  I am a very tired and proud fella right now.

I’ll post a track listing later this week, but get ready, October 12th is coming quickly!