Spiritual Life Notebook

This Sunday is going to be a special one for many reasons.  One of those reasons is that we are making our Spiritual Life Notebook available in the bookstore at North Side this Sunday.  Here’s the reasoning and info behind it:

Discipline without direction is drudgery.  Most Christians are told that they need to incorporate spiritual disciplines into their lives.  They are told to read their Bible, pray a bunch, memorize Scripture, and to become extremely busy in so many other spiritual activities.  But many people wonder why it is important.  If we are saved by grace, then why do we have to “work” after we are saved?

Make no mistake about it – we are saved by grace (Eph. 2:8).  Though as a new creation in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17), we are called to become increasingly more like Jesus.  When the Apostle Paul stated that we needed to discipline ourselves, he gave the reason behind it – for the purpose of godliness (1 Tim. 4:7).  Why do we read Scripture, pray, fast, give, and become involved in other spiritual disciplines?  The answer is simply for the purpose of godliness.  We need to become more like God and less like ourselves.

That’s the reason we complied this notebook.  Since North Side exists to make disciples, we desire to help you become more godly.  In our partnership with you in helping you become more godly, we wanted to provide a central location where you could keep up with your spiritual health and direction.  If you are like countless other Christians, you have sermon notes hanging out of your Bible, prayer requests on loose pieces of paper, and a trail of Scripture verses you had memorized some time previously.  In this Spiritual Life Notebook, you can keep up with all of those resources that are helping you develop godliness in once central location.  In this notebook, we have complied some directions to assist you in your growth as well as room to organize certain spiritual keepsakes.  We pray that this notebook helps you get disciplined – so that you can become more godly!

Make sure to pick you up a copy on Sunday!