Broken Walls, Broken Hearts

We kicked off a new series this week, entitled, Now.  Our staff has prayed and planned more for these next few weeks than any other emphasis I can remember.  I don’t think that my mind can wrap around all the work that went into this day and leading up to this day.  North Side is blessed to have a talented and humble staff – they are amazing!

It’s a series that focuses on all that God has done in our church’s life, but also an urgent call to obey what Christ is calling us to now.  With the call upon us, will we answer yes?

“Why just can’t we pray and obey?  If we did, we wouldn’t have to go through a campaign, what if we just did it?”  That line from Jeff today really got me thinking.  What if we simply obeyed whatever Christ called us to?  What if every church member said yes to what Jesus called us to do?  How would this city change?  How would this world change?

Today, we worshiped to these songs:

  • Let God Arise – Chris Tomlin
  • All Things New – Travis Agnew
  • May Your Life Be – John Kennerly
  • Made Me Glad – Hillsong/Miriam Webster

All of these songs that we sang today are on the upcoming worship CD that will be released within a couple of weeks.  Months ago, we prayed and thought, and we choose the songs that would be the soundtrack of this series/campaign.  Those songs are on the CD and will also be the songs we sing for the next few weeks.  Today as we worshiped, I saw how God had brought so many things together over the last few months.

The time truly is now.  And God’s just getting started with this church.

I hope you picked up your Compass today.  It looks great and has unbelievable stuff in it.  Study along this week, and say yes to whatever God is calling you to!

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  1. Hey, Trav,
    Those PL kids and the awesome baptism of 8 of them wasn’t too shabby yesterday either was it?
    And who could not be moved by Desrica’s rendition of Amazing Grace.

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