The Moldovan Metronome

My buddy, Jamie Parler (community pastor, drummer, Jenn’s husband, Elliot’s dad), left yesterday for the next couple of weeks to serve on a mission trip to Moldova.  It’s kind of weird not having my office neighbor here today.  I normally can hear his music through the wall (which could range from Truth ballads to Bon Jovi hooks), and I can hear his loud phone ringers all the way outside.

He is going with a buddy of his to play drums in Moldova.  Moldova is a European country sandwiched between Romania and the Ukraine.  Jeff thought the country sounded made up but it really is a country.  Jamie and his band will be playing concerts throughout Moldova.  They will be playing some American rock songs to draw crowds in.  The songs though focus on hopelessness, and at those events other songs will be performed to show hope in Christ as well as messages and such.

So as the drummer for a band in Moldova, I have changed his name.

Henceforth, you shall no longer know him by Jamison B. Parler, but he is now “The Moldovan Metronome.”

This is Jamie’s first international mission trip.  As we prayed together yesterday, I just thought about how my first overseas trip changed everything for me.  Jamie already has the biggest heart of anyone I know, he’s going to be lethal when he gets back.  I’ll keep you posted on his trip as often as I get them.  Please pray for him and that he represents Christ on stage and gets to share Jesus profoundly off stage with the divine appointments God sends his way.