A Murmuring Mouth

We started a new series today at North Side entitled, “Sticks and Stones.”  I was pretty excited about this series starting.

Jeff did a great job talking about a murmuring mouth this morning.  When Jeff said this morning that we all know people we avoid due to their complaining mouth.  It made me wonder, “Am I that person for anybody?  Does anyone dread seeing my presence due to my mouth?”

How often do I complain?  How often do I murmur?  How often do my words display a distrust in God’s ability to take care of my needs?

Today, we worshiped to the following songs:

  • Everything that has Breath – All Together Separate version
  • Sing, Sing, Sing – Chris Tomlin
  • Nothing But the Blood – Matt Redman
  • Jesus Paid It All – Kristian Stanfill

I want to say a thanks to all of our volunteers.  Each Sunday, we couldn’t do it without you guys and gals – it takes a ton of you to pull off every Sunday.  Your efforts lead peple to the throne, and I appreciate all you do for our church and our God.


  • Pick up your new Compass and read it.
  • Get your Point of Grace tickets for next Sunday night.
  • Bring your pledge card to worship next week.
  • Try not to complain this week and see what a difference it can make.