Propelling Worship

“The key ingredient for inspiring this participation in corporate worship and life-style of praise to God and service to others is personal piety and private devotion to God.”  -Andrew Hill in Enter His Courts with Praise!

In this quote, Hill proved to be able to move from the liturgical side of worship to the personal side of worship.  His concept is that worship was never to be an end in itself.  Worship was meant to be initiated out of a grateful heart in awe that the Almighty God desires to dwell with his creation.  From this awe, worshipers were to gather corporately as a large body to declare boldly the majesty of their God.  But as they scattered, their worship may change in practice but never in concept.  Hill taught that a quality worship service would propel worshipers to live a lifestyle of worship.

We had a great time of corporate worship on Sunday.

So how is your personal worship going?