Last Fall Class (Exam Time…)

I taught my final class for the Fall semester at Lander today.

It has been a whirlwind of a semester.  I haven’t posted a ton on the class, because honestly I have been so busy just preparing for the class!  That’s why I was crushed to find out the other day that my lecture notes were lost when my computer crashed.

As an encouragement, I got a student’s notes that were so good, I think I have all the necessary information.  I just have to redo the presentations now.

I have to give a final exam on Tuesday morning at 8:00 that focuses on Christianity and Islam with some content from earlier in the semester.  If a student is looking in, you get some hints to the first couple of questions.

I am teaching that class next semester again, and while I was originally hoping to teach an alternating class in the Spring, I think I am pretty excited about not having to create new material for next semester.

So, how would you do on the first question:

  1. Judaism, Chrisitanity, and Islam all claim to have which mas man as the first person in their spiritual heritage?

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