Final Exam

Its 8:10.  I am giving my final exam for RELI 101 at Lander.  Don’t the students look so studious.  They have worked so hard, they are all going to make A’s on this one.

Well, maybe not everyone…

It’s been an honor to teach this crew this semester.  They have really thought through some sacred texts and ideas this semester.

I had the greatest compliment by Dee this morning.  When we got to class, the door was locked to the room since we were first today.  They still haven’t given me a key to the room yet to which I said maybe they don’t trust me with one.

Dee replied, “Maybe its because you look like one of us.”

She’s getting an A+.

Looking forward to a new group in the Spring (TR 9:45).

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  1. I don't remember you asking permission to take a picture of our class and post it online…we could sue. Haha. I enjoyed your class Trav!!

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