Date Night

I wanted to inform you of a great event we are planning at North Side: Date Night.

We’ve been talking about doing something like this for some time, but now we finally got the plan together and the timing is right.  Here’s the specifics:

Objective:  A fun evening for married couples at North Side intended to jumpstart a romantic date in order to nurture romance and strengthen marriages.


  • To strengthen the marriages of Greenwood by providing a memorable night and helpful marriage tips.
  • To get North Side couples to invest and invite married couples around them to this event.
  • To get couples to return the next day where we will start a “Marriage by the Book” series.
  • To get unconnected couples involved in C-Groups.

Evening Specifics:

  • Begin at 5:00 Saturday night
  • Feature Motown love songs, hilarious marriage sketches, games, quality door prizes, and a practical message on one specific marriage topic
  • Couples will leave NS at 6:00 with a book full of coupons to partnering local restaurants giving discounts to Date Night participants for that night
  • The book will also be full of conversations starters to nurture the marriage relationship that night
  • We will have limited childcare
  • There will be a small charge to help cover expenses
  • In this book, we will also provide helpful tips for couples

Mark your calendar: Saturday, January 31st 5:00PM // Auditorium

Registration will start the beginning of January, and we will encourage you to get a ticket early and also get a ticket for another couple.  This “mini-marriage” conference will allow those couples who can’t get away for a full weekend retreat to get some helpful tools to strengthen their marriages.

Its going to be a lot of work, we have a great volunteer team forming for it.  But its worth every bit of effort.

Why? Because marriage matters.