Everlasting Father

On the Sunday before Christmas, it was a great day to celebrate the birth of Jesus with all you North Siders.  It was great to see many people who have moved away or in college be home for Sunday.  It was a good time to gather as a family and celebrate.

Jeff’s message on God being our “Everlasting Father” was so refreshing.  He reminded that no matter how good or how bad of a dad you have, we still have a perfect, everlasting Father that cares for us.  Earthly fathers are to learn fatherhood from God, we shouldn’t depict God the Father based upon perceptions of our earthly fathers.  Its vice versa – we learn from him!

Favorite line of the day by far:

“For those of you who feel like you’ve let God down, you need to know that you were never holding him up!” -Jeff

Today, we worshiped to the following songs:

  • Hark, the Herald Angels Sing! – Rock Version
  • Go Tell It on the Mountain – Agnew Version
  • Come Lord Jesus – Travis Agnew
  • Offering (Christmas Version) – Paul Baloche
  • Your Favorite Name is Father – Michael O’Brien

I must give some props to our band.  Christmas is always a hard time for musicians because every song you play is one you don’t play except for once a year.  These guys and gals have placed some fresh spins on some old music and led the congregation in some new ones, and they do an absolutely fantastic job.  Thanks guys – it is an honor to lead worship with you!