Bad Church Sign of the Week: Nuncracker

This week’s bad church sign is carrying on with the holiday spirit.  As we near Christmas, churches all around are posting signs on their marquees to inform passerbys of the opportunities at the church.

This church is apparently holding a presentation of the “Nutcracker” ballet for the weekend services.

Unfortunately, their sign advertises a “Nuncracker” instead.

I don’t know what a “Nuncracker” is, but it sure sounds funny.

What are you doing to celebrate Christmas?  Comment below.

3 thoughts on “Bad Church Sign of the Week: Nuncracker”

  1. Love your church signs, Travis…but you are wrong on this one. Nuncracker is a legitimate play that is put on by play houses and churches. If they were putting on Nutcracker in a church, I’d definitely be worried about that church.

    NUNCRACKERS is based on Dan Goggin’s successful Nunsense series of
    musicals NUNCRACKERS continues with the same characters from Nunsense plus Father Virgil (Michael Edwin) and an added chorus of school children aiding and abetting the Reverend Mother (Rende’ Rae Norman) in her continuing fund raising ideas and activities. This time it is to be a production of a televised-from-the-convent-basement version of the perennial Holiday favorite, The Nutcracker.

  2. It is still a fairly inappropriate on the main church sign- perhaps a banner would be better.

    I will tell you, I am an avid reader of your blogs, they cheer me up in the morning before work. One pastor I worked with said- the church sign should strictly be informational: Service times, name of church, and optional- pastor’s name. In a largely secular world, these signs tend to offend everyone-especially church members.

    A local (Greenwood) church once had a sign that said, “I don’t need any pills, God is my prozac.” I’m sure 95% of people driving by that sign were offended.

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