Jesus Leadership 202: Risk-Taking

Jesus was not afraid to attempt the supernatural.  Risk-taking was a common element of his ministry on earth.  While Jesus often received requests to flaunt his power, he only revealed his supernatural abilities if it accompanied a significant purpose.  God’s anointing on Jesus’ life reveals to leaders the need for a constant dependency upon God.  He did not boast of his powers, but he revealed his power when it could enrich others’ faith.  In fact, Jesus also required that witnesses of certain miracles to maintain secrecy because he did not desire people to come to him simply upon his power.

Understanding that Jesus actually never took a “risk” since anything he desires he can accomplish through God’s mighty power (Luke 1:37), Jesus did model for his followers that they could apply to the same source of strength.  After being publicly baptized by John the Baptist and the disciples witnessed the Holy Spirit descend upon Christ like a dove (Mark 1:10), Jesus once again showed the disciples that they could tap into living life in the fullness of the Spirit.  When a leader decides to dwell in the fullness of the Spirit, God’s power works through them to accomplish God’s tasks according to God’s power.  For a leader to maintain the fulness of the Spirit, that leader must maintain a receptive and obedient heart in order to respond to the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, understanding that God had given him all power (John 13:3; Matt 28:18), led in such a way that relied on the power of God.  Every miracle that he performed was really not a risk since he possessed enough faith in God.  Jesus taught that “servant leaders can risk serving others when they trust that God is in control of their lives.”  A leader who desires to see God use them in a mighty way must rely on God’s strength and not the limited strength of the individual leader.  If a leader accomplishes something through his or her own power, a greater effort by a more talented person could even accomplish something greater.  Knowing this truth, a leader should have faith that if God calls them to risk something great, he will provide that leader with the needed strength.

Take big risks.