Landmark: Chapter 3 Saved (I am going to make it…)

After all of my scholarly reading and my theological writing that I have embarked upon over the last few months, I have finished the first draft of chapter 3 and I only have one theological phrase to utter: woo hoo!

I am currently listening to Crowder’s “We Win!” blaring in my home office and getting jacked up!  Finishing this chapter landmark culminates an unbelievably long six months of work.  In addition to North Side being extremely busy, having a new baby, and embarking upon teaching a college course, my doctorate work was in the hardest, most-time consuming phase over the last six months.  And I think I made it!

  • Chapter 1 and propsal for project – finished and approved
  • Chapter 2 – finished and awaiting approval
  • Chapter 3 (with the hopeful date of completion as Jan. 2) – finished and ready to send off
  • 2500 pages of reading for seminar in February – completed
  • 40-50 pages of writing for seminar in February – completed
  • Leadership DVD for February – completed
  • Implementation of project at North Side – scheduled to start in March!!!

I am struggling writing this right now, because I don’t want any readers out there to think that I am smart or organized because I am neither.  But this last year I committed to make myself disciplined and it has paid off big.  I have never been organized, but I am learning to be disciplined – there is a huge difference.

I am celebrating God’s goodness in my life right now to get me to this landmark because he has truly been working on me in this area.  There were some times over the last six months I didn’t think I could get it done, but He is faithful!

Praise God!  I’m tired and I’m going to go eat BBQ now.