Bad Church Sign of the Week: Stop, Drop, & Roll

This week’s bad church sign states:

“Stop, Drop & Roll will not work in Hell.”  

I am not a fan of making light of the fact that people separated from Jesus will spend an eternity away from him.  I believe it, but I don’t laugh about it.

Plus, we must ask the question: what is the purpose of this sign?  This sign intends to draw unbelievers into the doors of this church.  This sign intends to make sinners aware of their need for Jesus.  But does this sign accomplish that purpose?

Unfortunately, I am afraid that this confirms the suspicions of passerbys that a church is insensitive to the spiritual condition of outsiders.  Just posting a sign does not mean that you care.  Befriending, loving, and reaching out to people in your community shows them that we care.  If we truly believe the message of this sign, we will strive to do the best possible job to reach these people, not just make fun of them.