How to Live Happily Ever After

photo1235322017495Today was our last Sunday in our Marriage by the Book series.  What a great day and what a great series!  In our team prayer time this morning, we prayed that some marriages that were hanging on by a thread would be saved this day, and I believe they were.

I would like to give props to Walt, Kimberly, Joshua, and Jerry who did the skits during this series.  They were great!  Thank you guys for your hard work.

Today, we worshipped to:

  • On Our Side – Chris Tomlin
  • O Praise Him – David Crowder
  • No One Like Our God – Travis Agnew
  • Your Home – Travis Agnew

Watch what you say, watch what you sow, and watch what you seek.  As Jeff preached on 1 Peter 3:8-12 today, that phrase was a great way to speak of how to live happily ever after.  If we say, sow, and seek quality things in our marriage, the process of marriage is so easy.  He stated that every argument in marriage is because one or two of the members is being selfish.

Don’t get married to be happy.  You can fall in and out of that.   Marriage is not here to make you happy, it was made to make you holy.

Today’s conclusion was unforgettable.  Watching couples stand up in all services renew their vows was overwhelming.  The emotion and commitment present in those rooms was staggering.  I pray that the greatest amount of commitment happens when we get home today.  If you missed it, you can listen to the message here.

Fireproof screening tonight in the auditorium at 5-7.  See you there!