The Necessity of Integrity

John Maxwell once wrote,

“When I have integrity, my words and my deeds match up.”

As a leader, it is possible to confuse influence with actual integrity.  Just because my reputation with people is positive does not mean that my character before a holy God naturally corresponds.  I desire that what those around me perceive of my character line up with the reality perceived by God.  From what others see of me to what only God sees, I want my life to be characterized by integrity.  I desire my leadership to possess the type of integrity Maxwell espouses.

Francis Chan once taught a lesson on integrity that blew me away:

What comes to people mind when they think of you is your reputation.

What comes to God’s mind when he thinks about you is your character.

If these two don’t match, you are a fake.

Words to mediate on today, people:  What does God think about you?