Bad Church Sign of the Week: Anyone Can Honk!

I don’t know what I love more about this sign: the message or the pastor’s name.

Anyway, this week’s bad church sign of the week states:

“Tithe if you love Jesus!  Anyone can honk!”

While this sign is reacting to the bumper stickers that state, “Honk if you love Jesus,” this church sign reveals either a church struggling to make budget or a missed market attempt.

Once again, church signs are for people outside of your church.  Do you really want the first thing people know about your church that you equate love for Jesus with giving 10% of your money to the church?  While I firmly believe that faithful financial stewardship is biblically mandated, passerbys may think that they are expected to give on the first day they come.

But think about this one: if you have never been in church (mainly who this sign is for), do you even know what “tithe” means?  You’d be surprised at how few people outside (and inside for that matter) understand what tithing is.

Churches, be careful the message you are sending, because the world is receiving it.

2 thoughts on “Bad Church Sign of the Week: Anyone Can Honk!”

  1. Tithe may mean 10% of income in the dictionary but in God’s Word it is always connected to tithe of food from inside Israel.

    In Israel only food producers qualilfied as tithe payers. No tihes were collectable from outside of Israel or from the increase of one’s craft or trade.

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