Submerge 09 Details

n8654847246_293Wanted to make sure you knew the official time of Submerge 09: June 12-16.  In an attempt to let more student groups go this year and not having to worry about different Spring Breaks, we are going to the summer this year.  This camp (Friday-Tuesday) will also help more adults go this year without having to take too much time off of work.  This student camp help at Myrtle Beach, SC will be an unforgettable week. I will be the camp pastor (sorry, we will try to do better next year!) and the Fusion Band (Evan Boney, Matt Ware, and some other guys from local churches) will be leading us in worship. Make sure you can make it this year!

Here’s how you can help:
1) Go.  Sign up is available at your local participating church or through
2) Invite.  Any groups or individuals that you know, invite them to go with you this year.
3) Help.  For those of you who have graduated high school, we need plenty of help to run the camp this year.
4) College Track – By the way, since we are hearing a lot of buzz of a good group of college students coming this year, we are going to have a separate college track breakout time in addition to you guys helping run the camp!

Hope to see you there this year!