Rebellion from GRACE


Today was the second week in our GRACE series.

To help us understand the gospel, we are using the acrostic “GRACE:” God, Rebellion, Atonement, Conversion, and Eternity. The gospel begins with God, but we messed it up through Rebellion. Our sinful ways separate us from God, and there must be a way back to God.

We worshiped to:

  • Here I Am to Worship – Tim Hughes
  • Sing to the King – Billy Foote
  • God of this City – Bluetree
  • You are a Holy God – Brenton Brown

It really was another great day of worship.  We keep seeing new people come each week – please take the next step to get connected!  I am also so thankful for those of you who made the best decision in your life today – to become a Christian!

We are praying for you that: 1) you understand the gospel and are confident in your own salvation, and 2) you feel comfortable in communicating that gospel to others.

We are just getting started.  Next week, we are celebrating the Lord’s Supper as we hit Atonement before Easter Sunday.  Hope to see you next week!

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