Have You Experienced Any Progress in YOU?

Due to the topic of leadership being such a discussed issue, it is easy to neglect the process of personal development.  Since I desire to have a meaningful ministry and an effective presence for Jesus in this world, then I must commit myself to continual development.  Since Jesus continues to work on me in this life (Phil 1:6), I must partner with him in order to bring about significant change.

Since God has blessed me with so many great opportunities to serve within my home, church, denomination, and community, I must prove to be a faithful steward of those opportunities.  By learning from the positive and negative leadership examples in my life, I strive to apply those lessons  in order that those lessons on their behalf were not in vain.  Through learning great leadership principles from others, I pray that I can continually develop as a leader.

My greatest prayer is not that I will improve for the sake of my reputation.  I pray that I will develop into a great leader in order that people will praise the one true leader, Jesus, whom I personally follow (Matt 23:10).

The question I ask myself regularly and I would encourage you to ask: have you experienced any progress in you?

As you seek to lead others to change, what change have you seen in yourself?  In the last year, have you gotten any better?  Have you grown closer to the image of Christ?  Have you dealt with areas of weaknesses?  If you have noticed shortcomings, what are you doing about it?