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Yesterday, OG and I went to the metropolis of Due West, SC to speak in the chapel at Erskine College.

Paul Patrick, chaplain, does a fantastic job leading students on that campus.  I spoke on purity (any step away from God will always be too far).  The majority of the content was chapter 5 of Freshman 15.

Some times I feel like it is hard to decipher which message to use when you are going into a context when you speak for one time and really don’t know the group.  After staff meeting, I told OG I was still struggling with which message between two to use.

He asked, “What does Jesus think about it?  Which one does he want you to use?”

Very nice.  I had been praying, but OG’s questions were right on the money.  I asked him to pray for me as well to discern God’s will, I felt I got a clear word, and went with it.

Honestly, when you speak on a college campus, you know you will have a captive audience when you talk about purity.  Even the pockets of students whom I could tell did not agree with me were very attentive to what I had to say.  When you talk about sex, purity, and dating with college students, you don’t need to work at getting their attention.

I pray that the message hit home, and I pray that some change is happening in lives.  Thanks for the great feedback and the wonderful hospitality!