Potential Leaders (May is Me & My Shadow Month)

One of the greatest needs for leaders is to identify and equip potential leaders.  Every congregation is comprised of potential leaders eager to serve.  If a leader can maintain a view of the long term success of the church versus a daily task mentality, that leader will intentionally develop potential leaders in the congregation.

After discovering these potential leaders, we must commit to developing them into actual leaders.  Through this process, we must be willing to allow them to make mistakes or to perform at a limited level.  We must condition ourselves not to expect seasoned performance when they are still learning.  If we are willing to allow them to develop and learn lessons, we also must be willing to coach them to improve continually so that the ministry continues in greater effectiveness.

The rule in churches is 20% of the people do 80% of the work.  While that is not accurate at North Side, I do know that North Side is a large congregation serving as a great place to hide in the crowd.  If you attend services at North Side and you are not plugged in service anywhere, you are missing out on God’s best!  God doesn’t need us, but he allows us to be a part of what he is doing.  When we serve, God grows us so much more than what we even thought possible!

may-is-me-and-my-shadow001-001That’s why I am declaring the month of May as Me & My Shadow Month.  If you are serving as a worship leader, greeter, usher, parking lot crew, media technician, or any type of volunteer role in a worship service, I want you to find one shadow for the month of May.

Here are the stipulations for you shadow:

  1. Your shadow cannot be currently involved in any regular type of volunteer role at the church.
  2. When you get a request to serve during the month of May, contact your shadow to see if he or she can serve with you for that day.
  3. You must be responsible for inviting them and giving them details of the time of service.
  4. During your time of service, show your shadow the ins and outs of your role.
  5. Let them try some things out when they are comfortable.
  6. At the end of May, ask your shadow if he or she would like to serve in that area on a regular basis.

When that time comes, I will post a way for them to sign up for that volunteer role.  Start praying about who your shadow needs to be!  Your shadow will be forever grateful to you.

If you are reading this and ready to serve and don’t want to wait for someone to contact you, contact me.  I can plug you in a place of service right away!