Bad Church Sign of the Week: ABC Stores

Today’s bad church sign of the week states:




Did someone who visited an ABC store write this because they misspelled “recruiting?”

Besides the spelling, I take great issue with a sign like this.  I personally do agree that stores that sell liquor create many deep physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual problems for many people.  I hate the hold that alcohol has on so many people in our country.  But imagine if you are a father who is an alcoholic and you are trying to quit.  You desperately want help.  You would take anyone who was willing to help.  Does this sign make you feel like the people in that building are waiting to help you or condemn you (John 3:17)?

Alcohol does cause problems, but the church should be welcoming alcoholics in their doors and offering them help.

North Side does that.  Did you know that we have a wonderful ministry called Blessed Hope that helps people with many different types of addictions?  This group meets a couple times a week and can help you with any type of addiction problems you have or dealing with people who have addiction – it helps both types of people.

If it can help you, give the church a call!

2 thoughts on “Bad Church Sign of the Week: ABC Stores”

  1. AMEN! It is the hypocrisy of the Christian, hurting those who are already hurting, that keeps many people away from church! While we are all responsible for our choices and actions, a church is supposed to be a “hospital for the sick” not a “hotel for the saints”

  2. I wish I had a picture of the sign from a church in Dublin, GA (where we used to live)…”Boozers are losers.” Yes, THAT was on the church sign! Now, are you surprised to learn that I called that church, asked for the pastor, and proceeded to argue with him about it until he took it down?

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