Legacy Series Starts This Sunday

photo-4Every parent leaves a legacy.

Will your child benefit from yours?

The Compass is in, the set list is prepared, and the message is almost done.  This Sunday, we are going to start a new series at North Side that has been prayed about and thought about for over a year now.

Sunday, we begin Legacy.  This study through the month of May will all be on the family especially focusing on how parents are to raise their children.  A few disclaimers:

  • May will not be full of warm and fuzzies.  They will be there, but we are going to take a hard look at God’s Word and God’s requirement for parents.  If we don’t change something in our homes this month, we might find ourselves disobedient to God.  Heart strings will be pulled, but we pray that lives are changed.
  • Legacy will help parents of any age.  Even if your kids are out of the house, you still are able to impact their lives.  It is never too late to leave a godly legacy.
  • Your present relationship with your kids doesn’t have to be your reality.  Regardless of your situation (if your kids don’t talk to you, if they have seen you live far from God for too long, etc.), your legacy has not been completely written yet.  It ain’t over!
  • Adults without children need to hear this series.  If for whatever reason, you do not have children, that does not mean you cannot leave a legacy for a child.  There are children in need of a godly role model in their lives.
  • God still works in less than ideal homes.  While we will talk about how a father and mother should lead a home, if the nice, “perfect” appearing family is not your situation, God still has a plan for your home!  God’s Word will talk specifically to you as well.
  • Students, don’t check out! If you are a college student or younger and family is not even on your mind, you desperately need to hear this series.  We will speak directly to your role in the home, and also, even if you haven’t had godly parents raise you, we will help show you a picture of what God desires for your home one day.
  • I might talk a lil’ fast Sunday. I am going to try not to talk a million miles a second, but I have been sitting on this stuff for over a year (reading literally thousands of pages, writing tons on the subject for my doctoral project, and dreaming about how to equip parents to fulfill God’s responsibility for their lives).  While Jeff and I will both preach in this series, I have the privilege of kicking it off this Sunday.  Evite a friend, invite them on Facebook, or simply bring them along with you.  Hope to see you there!