Generational Hand Me Downs

Today at North Side, we talked about “Generational Hand-Me Downs.”  What is it that you are passing down through your legacy?

In Ps. 78:1-8, the psalmist informs parents to pass down instruction concerning the Lord to the coming generations. While the psalmist reminds the people of their constant faithlessness in light of God’s faithfulness, he pleads that the parents should teach their children the nation’s past mistakes in hope that they will not be repeated. Children do learn about God from instruction within the church, but their greatest chance of learning is within the home. Even if parents do not feel qualified, God has given them a responsibility to inform children concerning God’s work recorded in the Bible and God’s work within their own lives.

As I preached this morning, I prayed that you can start applying the message: 1) Teach God’s Word in your home, and 2) Share your story in your home (the ways God has been faithful over the years.

A couple other application points I must give credit to Voddie Baucham.  His book, Family Driven Faith, has really impacted me over the last year.  He was the inspiration for such comments as “outbreed them,” “God of sport,” “stay one day ahead of them.”  I loved that God was working in me over a year ago, and reading that book, I felt like I was walking the same journey as someone else.

I pray that you can be that guide in the back of the raft instructing your family which way to go.  You’re passing down a legacy, I just pray it is a good one.  You can listen to the message here.

The band did a great job leading today:

  • “Your Home” (Tag) – Travis Agnew
  • Sing to the King – Billy Foote
  • Make Me Holy – Travis Agnew
  • He Knows My Name – Tommy Walker

Two more weeks in the Legacy series.  It’s getting even deeper next week!  If you don’t have plans, come to the “Making Faith Stick” class tonight at 5:30-7 in the coffeeshop to help equip you evangelize your children.  See you there!

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