Submerge: in 3 Sentences or Less.

Starting the Day
Starting the Day

So, I need your help all you Submergers out there.  I can keep posting my favorite thoughts about camp, but I want to hear from you.  Comment below on what Submerge meant to you in 3 sentences or less.  Go.

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11 thoughts on “Submerge: in 3 Sentences or Less.”

  1. This year at Submerge was the best year yet! I loved everything we did. It made me become a lot closer with Christ. 🙂

  2. Submerge 09 was not only an amazingly fun and powerful trip, but was an eye opener for me. The day-by-day confession series showed me a lot of things that i could relate to my own life. It was a week I will never forget!

  3. It was stinkin awesome!! I was honored to lead worship there and the camp was ran seamlessly. Travis Agnew is my Hero!!! end of story

  4. This year’s Submerge was really eye-opening and the praise band did a great job leading worship. Also the cheerleaders really were NOT a plus!

  5. I learned so much in the sermons, devotions, and worship that helped me get back on the right path with Christ. It showed me that Christ is the ONLY one I need to trust in, period. It was definitely an experience I will probably never forget 🙂

  6. I had so much fun at Submerge, it was my first and a very memorable. There was new things brought to my attention that I was neglecting. I also saw the Lord working in so many peoples lives and was great!!

  7. probably the greatest youth trip i’ve ever been on
    *the band and speaker were amazing
    *our youth group were so blessed and enjoyed it so much, and that rubbed off on me as well

  8. To me submerge was a new experience that helped me to grow A LOT closer to God ,and it significantly improved my walk with christ. It was also a week filled with fun times and new friends. Without my week at Submerge I would still have some unneeded ‘garbage’ in my life.

  9. From the beginning to the end, the camp was awesome!! It was obvious the work that was put in by all the staff…. from director to small groups. Our God blessed in so many ways……wish we could go longer!!

  10. Submerge was one truly amazing expirience, especially for a first-timer like me. It really did oipen my heart up to God’s word and helped me understand things in my life that need improvement in order to reach eternity. Submerge was one retreat memory that will stay with me forever and ever because it truly is the best retreat ever!!

  11. Submerge was absolutely wonderful! I know that God moved in my life and in the lives of many students. Great job staff, chaperones, and students for letting God work in your life and let it continue!

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