The Elephant in the Pew – Coming October 2009

We announced on Sunday the upcoming series for October, “The Elephant in the Pew.”  This one has been churning around for a couple of years, and we finally feel that the time is right.  Watch the video for more info on the different things we are going to be talking about.

North Siders, pray because we are going to do some pretty incredible stuff including a one-night big event to deal with one particular elephant.

Family (members of other churches), we want you involved!  We have talked with a few ministers about partnering together to do this series and resource each other.  The idea is to get pastors together to share ideas about upcoming sermons, share resources, etc.  If your church would like to be involved, contact me and I can give you the details.

Pray that this series unites churches to help heal families and this town!